I took a much-needed break from the computer this weekend (at least for a couple of hours) and this is what I did, today David and I ran The Chicago Police Memorial 5K Foot Chase.  This was an accomplishment for me because last time I ran a race was the winter of 2009 and I was training for longer runs but then needed knee surgery and it’s taken me this long to get back to running.  and last night we went out with some friends to a Halloween Party – just an opportunity to dress up and act up . . .

I’ll have you know that David won the prize for scariest costume and he received a little trophy and a monetary award.  Way to go David!

and of course my camera is set on a timer and I run back and forth until I get the look I want.  Which was about 5 frames.

If you’ve stayed this far – thanks for hanging in there.  Here’s to great weekends.  Now back to work.  Hope you have a great week.